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3 reasons why Avalanche (AVAX) price is up 200% this month

A rapidly expanding DeFi ecosystem and a new low-cost bridge to the Ethereum network are just a few reasons why AVAX price is up 200% in August. Layer-one blockchain networks like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) form the foundation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and enable smart contract functionality that has allowed the creation of new

Cryptocurrency Proof of Stake

What is Proof of Stake?

Cryptocurrency validation is usually done via a Proof of Work protocol or a Proof of Stake protocol. In this article we will discuss the Proof of Stake protocol. Simply put, Proof of Stake requires that the person or company that is validating a transaction on the blockchain must possess a quantity of tokens on that

Bitcoin vs Gold

Bitcoin vs Gold

Many people wonder about the merits of investing in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin versus investing in a tangible asset like gold. In this video from Stansberry Research, host Daniela Cambone interviews Michael Saylor – a big time Bitcoin proponent, and Frank Giustra – a big time Gold proponent. Both men make some valid points for