What is Cryptocurrency

DeFi needs more tangible assets on-chain to see a successful future

DeFi already offers innovative financial products, but what’s needed for it to go mainstream is to bring more real-world assets on-chain. In a business school lecture hall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a senior executive for Safaricom gave a prediction of decentralized finance and the future of commerce to a room of keen


Beyond Finance Partners With Public Blockchain Klaytn To Introduce Synthetic Assets To The Masses

Decentralized trading platform Beyond Finance has announced a strategic partnership with public blockchain Klaytn. The partnership will introduce synthetic asset trading to the millions of existing users within the Klaytn ecosystem Interest in synthetic assets is at an all time high, with the booming DeFi landscape shaping the growth of synthetic assets. Decentralized trading protocol

What is NFT

Nether is offering Masses with the World’s First Personality Based NFT Marketplace

Nether launches its unique crypto project with the motive to help people discover their personality’s true monetary value. Not only this approach is rare, but it’s also quite realistic in the present crypto space. Millionaire entrepreneur and the inventor of the Human Personality listing concept, Ricky Ammendola explains that “Every day people come across assets

DeFi proves that charities could be doing more with their money

DeFi is changing the way the sector operates by using onramps and integrations across blockchains to make giving to charities easier. Most of the stories coming out of the crypto industry this past year have centered around enormous numbers flowing in and out of the space. From stablecoins topping over $100 billion, with Circle raising $440