Cryptocurrency Basics

What exactly is a cryptocurrency? Is cryptocurrency safe? Do I need cryptocurrency?

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Investing in Cryptocurrency

How do I buy cryptocurrency? Which cryptocurrency exchange should I use?

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Precious Metals

Should I invest in Gold or Silver? How do they compare to cryptocurrency?

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I have been in crypto for a while, enough to retire early. No, I dont need to be on a tropical paradise with coke & hookers. I still like to discuss crypto and shill a shitcoin or two

BTC, ETH and other coins have been life changing, have created me enough wealth to just stop whatever I was doing and instead do what I love to do. At one point few years ago, I was literally hitting up every bounty campaign on bitcontalk or bounty0x to make additional income. Today, some of these

Crypto Exchanges

This New Token Incentivizes Cancer Patients to License Their Information to Find Cancer Cures

Most of us have heard about how cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies can revolutionize the current state of society through crowdsourcing. However, most large-scale real-world applications have come in the form of cryptocurrencies as an alternate asset class. Huge, influential companies like Tesla and Amazon are in talks to start or have already started accepting cryptocurrencies

Crypto analyst gives small cap picks for the coming altcoin season

Adrian Zduńczyk is a highly thought of analyst with 337,000 followers on Twitter and is the CEO and founder of the Birb Nest trading community. He gives his picks on some small cap altcoin coins that he believes will outperform over this next potential altcoin season.  According to, altcoin season could be on the way. The Germany-based tools and

What is Cryptocurrency

DeFi needs more tangible assets on-chain to see a successful future

DeFi already offers innovative financial products, but what’s needed for it to go mainstream is to bring more real-world assets on-chain. In a business school lecture hall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a senior executive for Safaricom gave a prediction of decentralized finance and the future of commerce to a room of keen