Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet Review


Welcome to the friendly review of the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet! If you’re looking for a secure and convenient way to store your digital assets, you’ve come to the right place. This cold wallet crypto nano vault offers top-notch security for your cryptocurrency by allowing you to store your seed phrases safely.

Keep Your Crypto Safe

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it’s crucial to protect your ownership and keep your private keys secure. The Swizor Crypto Wallet provides a low-tech and low-cost solution to ensure the safety of your digital assets. By using this hardware wallet in combination with the Swizor Crypto Wallet, you can rest assured that your seed phrases are protected forever.

Engrave Your Phrases with Ease

The Swizor Crypto Wallet includes an inscribing pen, making it easy for you to engrave your seed phrases onto the metal plates provided. Don’t worry about the process being difficult or time-consuming; it only took about 10 minutes to inscribe each card. Even longer words fit perfectly if you take your time and work methodically.

Multiple Secure Options

The product’s security doesn’t stop at the engraving process. For added peace of mind, the Swizor Crypto Wallet comes with security tamper stickers to ensure the integrity of your wallet. Whether you keep your wallet at home or in a safe deposit box, you can trust that your crypto and confidential information are protected.

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Product Description

The Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet is a reliable and secure option for storing your digital currencies. This cold wallet crypto nano vault provides you with a safe and convenient way to safeguard your cryptocurrency assets and keep them protected from hackers and other cyber threats.

Key Features

  • Two Numbered Metal Plates: This wallet includes two metal plates that can be engraved with your crypto security phrases. These plates are essential for creating exact copies of your phrases and serve as reliable backups.

  • Engraving Pen: The package comes with an engraving pen, allowing you to easily and accurately engrave your security phrases onto the metal plates. The pen works smoothly, ensuring that your phrases are legible and secure.

  • Compact and Secure Design: The wallet is designed to be small and compact, similar in size to a credit card. While this may seem inconvenient for carrying it around, it ensures that your engraved phrases remain safe in a fireproof home safe or secure location.

  • Tamper-Proof Seal: The two metal plates can be secured together using screws, and a tamper-proof serial number sticker is provided to ensure the plates remain sealed and protected against unauthorized access.

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Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the Swizor Crypto Wallet for its adherence to its advertised features, including the great packaging and functionality of the scribe pen. The extra space at the bottom of the plates allows for convenient and accurate writing. While some users found it slightly challenging to write certain letters due to tight spaces, the wallet is seen as a secure option for storing digital currencies.

this cleverly designed product offers a reliable and efficient solution for securely storing your crypto wallet seed phrases. Although some customers expressed a desire for a larger size, the Swizor Crypto Wallet receives a solid four-star rating for its usability and effectiveness in safeguarding digital assets.

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Packaging and Design

Nice Packaging

The Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet comes in a well-designed and sturdy packaging that ensures the product arrives in perfect condition. The sleek and professional packaging adds to the overall impression of the wallet and sets a positive tone from the start.

Clever Design with Aluminum Plates

The wallet is made of two beautifully cut and finished aluminum plates, providing a secure storage solution for your crypto wallet seed phrase. Each plate has 24 slots, allowing you to store the seed phrases of two different wallets if needed.

Size and Portability

The wallet is conveniently sized to fit in your pocket, with dimensions similar to a credit card. However, it is important to note that the small size is not intended for carrying it with you on a daily basis. Instead, it is recommended to store it in a fireproof home safe for maximum security.

Engraving Process

While the engraving pen works perfectly, some users may find it challenging to write certain letters or fit longer words into the tight spaces provided. However, with a slow and methodical approach, engraving the aluminum plates becomes relatively easy. It is worth the effort, considering the low cost yet effective solution it provides for keeping your private keys safe.

the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet offers a clever design, enhanced portability, and a secure storage solution for your cryptocurrency seed phrases. Although some users may find the engraving process slightly challenging, it is a small trade-off for the added security it provides. With its affordable price and low-tech nature, this wallet is a great investment for those seeking a reliable way to protect their digital assets.


Secure Wallet and Information

The Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet provides you with a secure and reliable way to store your cryptocurrency. With the increasing risk of online attacks and hacking attempts, it is crucial to keep your digital assets safe. This wallet offers advanced security features to protect your valuable information and ensure that only you have access to your crypto.

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Offline Storage for Safest Option

To maximize security, this wallet allows for offline storage of your cryptocurrencies. By keeping your digital assets offline, you eliminate the risk of online breaches and theft. This offline storage option provides you with peace of mind and reassurance that your funds are protected even if your online accounts are compromised.

Ease of Use

The Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for beginners. You can easily access and manage your digital assets with its intuitive interface. Additionally, the wallet comes with a helpful engraving pen for recording your seed phrases on the steel plates, ensuring the safety of your crypto for the long term.

Build Quality

Customers have praised the build quality of this wallet, noting its durability and long-lasting nature. The product is specifically designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring that your cryptocurrencies stay protected over time. Its compact size also allows for easy and convenient storage in a safe or other secure location.

Seed Compatibility

The Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet is compatible with a wide range of seed phrases, making it a versatile option for storing different cryptocurrencies. Whether you have a Ledger Nano X or a Trezor Model T, this wallet can accommodate your needs.

the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet offers excellent functionality with its secure storage, offline option, ease of use, sturdy build, and seed compatibility. Keep your digital assets safe and secure with this reliable wallet.

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Pros and Cons


  • Great product that provides two numbered metal plates to engrave your crypto security phrase(s).
  • Comes with an engraving pen, making it convenient to personalize your plates.
  • Affordable and durable; designed to fit into safe storage easily.
  • Offers a low-tech and low-cost solution for keeping your private keys safe.
  • Simple to use; the inscribing pen works perfectly with each card taking approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • Despite comments about difficulty writing on the metal slates, many users found it manageable with slow and methodical engraving.
  • The extra space at the bottom of the plates provides room for additional notes.


  • Writing can be challenging at times, particularly for certain letters due to the tight space.
  • Time will determine the longevity and effectiveness of the product, as it relies on engraved metal plates.
  • Some users found it harder to write on the metal slates, but overall, the task can be accomplished with patience.
  • While the product is advertised as easy to use, beginners might find it slightly intimidating to engrave metal.
  • It is important to ensure the security phrases are engraved accurately, as any errors can result in future complications.

the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet offers many advantages such as the inclusion of two numbered metal plates and an engraving pen. Users praised the affordability, durability, and ease of storing private keys securely. While a few customers faced difficulties during the engraving process, the overall consensus was that with patience and care, the product fulfilled its purpose and exceeded expectations. The Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet is an effective, low-cost solution for safely storing your cryptocurrency. Remember to keep your security phrases confidential and stored in a secure location.

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What material are the plates made of?

The plates of the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet are made from an aluminum alloy. This material choice makes it easier to engrave on, especially compared to steel plates. The package includes an engraving tool that feels like it is made from steel and is able to engrave on the aluminum plates.

How many slots are there on each plate?

Both plates of the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet have 24 slots. This provides ample space for engraving your seed phrases, index numbers, or even a second seed phrase. You have the option to engrave the words and the index numbers on separate plates for added safety, but it is not necessary.

Is it easy to engrave on the plates?

Engraving on the plates requires patience, but it is definitely doable. While it may not be as easy as using punch plates, which create divots in a pattern, the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet’s engraving tool allows you to carve your desired information on the plates effectively.

Is this product suitable as a gift?

Yes, the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet comes in a nice packaging and can make a great gift. It is a thoughtful present for anyone who wants to securely store their cryptocurrency and protect their ownership. The product’s durability and affordability make it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable cold wallet.

Does the product include any additional accessories?

Yes, the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet comes with an engraving pen and seal. The included scribe pen works great for engraving on the plates, allowing you to customize and personalize your wallet. Moreover, there is extra space at the bottom of the plates where you can write additional information or notes.

Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet | Cold Wallet Crypto Nano Vault for Digital Wallet Cryptocurrency Wallet Ledger Nano X  Trezor Model T - 2 Plates Seed Storage Steel Wallet W/Engraving Pen  Seal


A Great Solution for Keeping Your Private Keys Safe

In conclusion, the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet is a fantastic product that offers a low-tech and low-cost solution for securely storing your private keys. With its two numbered metal plates and engraving pen, it provides a convenient way to engrave your crypto security phrases.

Many users have found the inscribing pen to work perfectly, despite a few initial concerns about writing on the plates. Taking it slow and methodically, it is actually quite easy to engrave your phrases. Additionally, the space on the plates is sufficient for longer words, so fitting your phrases shouldn’t be a problem.

The plates are made from an aluminum alloy, which makes them easier to engrave on compared to steel plates. The engraving tool, made from steel, handles engraving on the aluminum plates effectively. While it may require patience, users have successfully engraved their phrases and index numbers on both plates.

The packaging of the product is also impressive, making it an excellent gift option for crypto enthusiasts. Compared to punch plates, which are another popular option, many users actually prefer the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet due to its versatility and convenience.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and secure way to store your private keys, the Swizor Crypto Wallet Bitcoin Wallet is definitely worth considering. With its durable construction and efficient design, it provides peace of mind for your cryptocurrency holdings.

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